Global Leaders Center


The next generation demands clear direction and focus. The Global Leaders Center will help provide that direction through leadership development programs designed to enhance an existing knowledge base that fosters creative and big-picture thinking. Leaders will be able to leverage business opportunities through the development of corporate global partnerships.


Headquarters for the GLC will be located in the heart of Research Triangle Park, North Carolina- home to over 190 technology and research and development companies. GLC will leverage strategic partnerships with local corporations and education institutions to provide training opportunities using multi-cultural strategies designed to generate positive impact in the world.


Developing Leaders for Global Impact

Core focus of the Global Leaders Center

The Global Leaders Center (GLC) is a world-class executive leadership institute established by Dr. Kingsley Fletcher. The center is intended to nurture a global community of leaders and initiate strategy development that addresses critical long-standing and emerging global issues.

The Global Leaders Center will develop and implement executive development programs in the areas of strategic leadership, effects of global impact, and sustainability. The facility is located at 5310 South Alston Ave, Durham NC 27713, USA.

Immediate objectives for GLC:

The Global Leader Center will equip individuals with knowledge to positively impact their community and the world through innovative and experiential learning opportunities.

What are the goals for GLC in the next 5 years?

GLC will create long term partnerships with global experts in the field of business, education, and social and community development. Partnership will provide sustainable resources for individuals that enhance their journey through increased capacity and transformative experiences.

How will the GLC influence the community?

By establishing culturally sensitive solutions that enhance the quality of life within the community, the Global Leaders Center will harness the untapped potential and unique experiences among individuals to develop extraordinary leadership opportunities; including spiritual, educational, corporate, and social.

How will the GLC impact the next generation?

The GLC offers diverse leadership programs that will enhance the next generation’s strategic thinking skills, human and social capital, as well as business partnerships to create mutually beneficial relationships at a global level.